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Mini-Split PHI unit

We installed a ductless system in our service department for both heating and air conditioning summer of 2016. The service office is next to our parts room which serves both install and service departments. Needless to say there is a steady traffic flow past the indoor unit and at times 6-8 service technicians in the same room the air conditioner. Within two months of the install of our air conditioner, unit blower wheel and evaporator coil blowing black debris across the office. Air filters where being cleaned monthly. We cleaned unit every two months and had to pull blower wheel out every time due to the excessive buildup of grim. For a year we did this same process and also had to treat / sanitize coil for dirty sock smell about every 3 months during air conditioning season. In 2017, we installed the PH230RGF UV light. We had previously installed several of these systems for our customers and want to put it to the test for ourselves. (Seeing is believing) and all my service technicians were sick of cleaning this unit in the office. Since the install of the PHI-230 we are back to a normal cleaning cycle of once every 6 months, blower wheel has not been pulled for 2 years and looks like new yet. Unit no longer needs sanitized for dirty sock smell. Out of the eight other indoor units, this unit is typically the cleanest unit, with the most foot traffic past it. Our service, sales, office and install staff can now see the difference between no UV light and having a UV light. Seeing is believing, our technicians are talking to more customers and selling more products due to they believe in the product. Having that peace of mind for our employees to talk to customers and make recommendations to improve IAQ at our customers’ homes and office is priceless. This only validates that we are not selling “smoke and mirrors” but we are selling products that work and we use them ourselves.

— KW Gary and Sons Inc.

A product that DELIVERS!

The REME-HALO has tremendously helped nullify or reduce dramatically pet and kitchen odors. However, I bought the unit for relief from allergy symptoms and the REME has been extraordinary on that front, too. I’ll buy another, in the future, I’m 100% sure. A product that DELIVERS!

— KJ Austin, TX

All I have to say is WOW!!!

I have been working in the HVAC world for years. I have seen products come & go but I have become a believer. I manage a duct cleaning crew & have a lot of questions sent to me about allergies, dust, mold, & how to keep a home as allergen free & dust free as possible. Once I found out about RGF I dove into the technology & decided to install a REME Halo into my own home BEFORE I sell a single unit. My home was built in the 1950’s, 3,000 sq feet home with 1,500 sq feet main floor & a matching basement. The HVAC system was installed in 1995 as a 3.5 ton AC & Furnace. 1 exterior door is sealed & the other is not. I have a mix of single pane wood framed windows & double paned fiberglass. It is not a completely sealed house YET. I also personally cleaned my own HVAC system not 2 years ago. Normally I change my 2 inch thick MERV 8 filter every 2 months. The pleated material looks the color of cardboard. 1 MONTH after I had installed the REME Halo the same filter, which was installed brand new with the REME Halo, the filter was dark brown like Hot Chocolate. I was Floored!! During that same month my outdoor only cat, which is fed right next to the unsealed exterior back door, was sprayed by a SKUNK!! The poor cat had a yellow line on her chest for weeks. This all happened while my family & dogs were inside asleep. By morning my whole house reeked of Skunk. So I went down to the basement, opened the REME Halo and opened the sleeve WIDE OPEN. To my amazement, the skunk odor that seept into my house was gone within 2 HOURS!!!!!! All I have to say is WOW!!! These products like the REME Halo have and continue to do their job. Great stuff!!! Oh & I am now selling them.

— J.F. Manager Super Vac Division

Cedar Fever

I send you New Year’s greetings because of the Reme-Halo product. Normally at this time of the year, I would be very uncomfortable inside and out due to cedar fever but I am truly thankful to you for the introduction of the Reme-Halo into my life. Kim Saunders from ABC Home & Commercial Services installed the Reme-Halo in my home on 11/16/18 and I remembered from talking to you, Todd Montgomery, District Instructor for the Reme-Halo, that I should check my filters early after running my HVAC fan 24/7 since I didn’t have a newer programmable system. I changed those filters on Christmas Day as it was 2 months to the day, (I usually do it every 3 months) since they were changed. I thought you might appreciate a visual. So, so dirty after 2 months which I think means the Reme-Halo is doing its job. But even more importantly, I haven’t awakened in the middle of the night with a headache since soon after my Reme-Halo was installed. And when I have had a cedar spasm away from my home, once I was home, my immune system settled down and I didn’t feel bad. That is impressive to me as cedar has been a major problem to me for years. And that makes me thankful for the investment I made. I have shared my story with several people but I think the three of you ought to get together and create a TV ad that combines ABC Home and Commercial Services with RGF’s Reme-Halo. I have seen ABC’s ads on a variety of generic solutions but the Reme-Halo could help many more Austin homeowners if you would be more aggressive with telling your viewers the value of the Reme-Halo. I am so appreciative that I had Kim Saunders to my home who shared the technology with me and I appreciate that you, Todd Montgomery, took the time to help me understand your product. All Austin needs now is you, Bobby Jenkins, to do a commercial that tells Austinites the value of the Reme-Halo. I encourage the three of you to get together and make Austin residents more comfortable as the Reme-Halo has made me. Thank you for working together and I am sure this new year will bring more success to your businesses.

– Happy New Year! K.T.

7 Time Finnish Ice Hockey Champion, Oulun Kärpät, stays healthy with RGF’s PHI Technology.

Oulun Kärpät, the seven time Finnish champion ice hockey team from Northern Finland, protects its team against viruses, microbes and odors with RGF’s patented Photohydroionization® (PHI) technology. PHI is a chemical free, very effective and safe advanced oxidation gas used to treat air and equipment surfaces. With 30 players sharing a training facility and locker room eight hours a day, hygiene is very important. If one player gets sick, the rest are at risk and the team will suffer. To ensure a healthy team, Mariner Systems are mounted throughout the facility keeping the indoor air quality and surfaces clean and safe. In addition to maintaining excellent indoor air quality, it is also necessary to sanitize the equipment used by the players. In between the two ice training sessions each day, all of the gloves and boots are dried and sanitized on racks fitted with two RGF HVAC Minis reducing odors and microbes. RGF’s PHI technology helps keep the team healthy and winning!

Formaldehyde contamination

Thank you so much for installing the REME HALO Air Purification System on our home. We were in a desperate situation to find a way to decontaminate our home from a formaldehyde contamination. New furnishings we had purchased May 1, 2015 was highly contaminated with formaldehyde and remained in our home for two months before we realized it’s toxicity had infiltrated our home and had caused sever health issues with my wife. My wife’s face, neck, chest, arms and hands became highly inflamed and then infected, the doctors told her that her home was still contaminated and that is why it would not heal. When we told Russell of our crisis with our home and health he and Ryan were immediately at our door the next morning. Ryan made a simple attachment to our existing furnace system of the HALO filter within an hour. He stated that within 5-7 days we would see an improved difference Within 48 hours we could tell a difference in the toxicity in the home and within a week the home air quality was very much improved. My wife began to see a significant healing with her burned skin and skin infection by two weeks. Her doctor was amazed at her quickened improvement. We are positive it is in part because of the HALO filter system. We gladly placed in our doctors hands information on the HALO system. He was very impressed. What Russell and Ryan R. stated the system could perform is exactly what occurred, within the exact time period. We highly recommend this system to anyone who is seeking an air purifier for their home.

— Sincerely, V and J H.

Odor Problems at a Pet Kennel and Groomer

A local pet kennel and groomer were looking for a solution to their unique Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) problems. With the animals in the building, they were experiencing a very strong odor problem. Guardian Air units were installed in all zones of the building. Two weeks later on a walkthrough of the facility, one of the assistants mentioned that it smelled much better than the other building not yet installed with GA units, but the owner wasn’t convinced. ARS unplugged the units, with a promise to come back in four days to see if anything had changed. In four days when ARS returned, the owner said “I don’t know what you did, but you better fix it.” After turning the units off, the previous odor problems returned immediately. The business owner was extremely pleased with the results and installed units throughout a second building.

– American Residential Services ARS

Belvedere Animal Hospital

“The Air Quality tests that we conducted in the operating room of our Animal Hospital were eye-opening to say the least. I realized prior to the testing that we did have a slight musty odor in the operating room but did not anticipate the extent of the airborne contamination.

I also must admit to being a bit skeptical about the value of the RGF Pure Air Systems. After seeing the results of the before and after air quality tests, I am now convinced that RGF’s “Advanced Natural Pure Air Systems”, will reduce potentially harmful airborne contaminates in any indoor environment.

You have my permission to use the before and after photos of the air quality tests conducted at the hospital. I do hope others will recognize the advantages of your Air Quality Systems.”

– Best Wishes,
Dr. R K, DVM

C.C. Dickson Company

“The Ronald McDonald House here in Charleston has put them in all over their facility. They can definitely tell that the air is cleaner and that the children are at less risk of infection because RGF is on the job. AC Heating and Air is the contractor and Jim M. is the service tech that maintains the facility. He too can tell a difference every time he makes a visit.

Our North Charleston Coliseum is the home of the “Charleston Stingrays” hockey team since about 1994. The locker room had a very pungent athletic sports smell emitting from it and the smell travelled down the hallways surrounding the locker room area. Three weeks ago they installed “one” RGF unit in the duct system handling “only” the locker room space. The locker room is definitely better, and it seems to get even better as time passes. The coach and staff are very pleased with the results.”

— Regards,
C.C. Dickson Company

Eden Gardens

Thank you for introducing us to your amazing air purification systems. EdenGardens has had tremendous results from using your system.

Before we installed your system, the Alzheimer’s unit was losing an average of three (3) residents a month, due to dissatisfaction because of urine smell or illness, such as pneumonia. This was approximately a $97,200 loss, or more than a 100% turnover in residents every year.

Since the installation of your system in April of 2003:

Revenue has gone up by $97,299/year and our profit margins have increased significantly.

We have saved over $14,000 by not having to purchase carpeting and mattress replacements.

We have saved over $5,400 on chemical “mists” to cover up odors.

There have been NO cases of pneumonia, and no deaths due to communicable illness.

We now have a waiting list of residents equal to 25% of our capacity.

Our marketing finds it easy to “sell our property”, because it smells fresh and clean and our residents are healthy.

Our prospective clients and their families comment on how fresh, clean and free of odors our facility is. They say this is a major reason why they chose EdenGardens. In fact, just today a perspective resident’s son stated how fresh and clean our facility smelled.

Our staff has experienced less illness and sick days; we do not have a “call in” problem.

The staff who work in the other wings of our facility have ALL requested to work in our Alzheimer’s unit because of the fresh smells and lack of illness in the residents and staff.

I would recommend this system to every senior living facility, and/or nursing home.

— Sincerely,
K. B.
Executive Director

The Excelsior

It’s been quite some time since we installed the 59 PHI Cells in our 27 luxury residences here at the Excelsior Condominiums in Boca Raton, Florida. The PHI Cells seem to easily last the years warranted, and the residents seem very pleased with their performance.

As I’m sure you recall, I really ran you and the PHI Cell through the ringer as I compared the PHI Cell to every other product out there, regardless of price, before I decided to go with your product. In all comparisons, the PHI Cell always came out on top.

In the five-and-a-half years we have been using the PHI Cell, I have only good things to say about it, including my own personal story. I live in a 30-year-old wood and brick home, and I have a 60 lb dog that lives inside the home with my family. Even though the house is kept clean, when you first walk in the door, you could always smell the dog. After I installed the PHI Cell, the difference was amazing. I no longer notice the pet odor when entering my home. For that, my family and I thank you and RGF.

— Best Regards,
S. B.
Building Engineer
Excelsior Condominium Association, Inc.

Florida State College at Jacksonville

Thank you for the opportunity to tour the WWGAY offices and see RGF PHI Technology in use on your ice machines and HVAC equipment. After the tour we decided to put the same technology in key areas at the North Campus and Nassau Campus that have been affected by various levels of poor air quality and ice machine issues. Below are some of those scenarios and how RGF PHI Technology has improved our campus.

1. North Campus/ Massage Therapy Clinic-Faculty and students complaining of odors coming from the adjoining classroom which has a science lab that uses chemicals that produce VOC’s. We installed the PHI technology in the duct system that serves both areas and the air quality issue has been resolved with no more complaints from faculty or students.

2. North Campus/Culinary Program Kitchen-Large ice machine used in this area is cleaned on a regular basis and has top of the line water filtration, however, it did not have an RGF ice machine system. After adding the RGF unit to the ice machine the bacterial growth has all but ceased in the harvest area and collection bin, I’m still amazed at the ongoing cleanliness of the machine since the installation.

3. Nassau Campus /Nature Center- The air quality in the nature center classrooms is not terrible but due to humidity issues that the current HVAC system cannot address the classrooms have a continual musty smell. After installing RGF PHI Technology the musty smell is gone and the air is fresh.

Again, thank you for presenting the RGF product to the facilities staff and we look forward to addressing more areas soon.

— Respectfully,
Director of Facilities/HVAC
North Campus/Nassau Campus

Frank’s Applications

Our company has been using the RGF Cells for about 5 years now. We have installed them in many types of locations. The following are examples we have used it for.

-A flooded house where mold grew on the floor and walls – within 2 weeks the mold was eradicated and the mildew smells were gone.

-Home of a heavy smoker – 30 hours later, smoke and nicotine smells diminished and almost gone.

-Home of an elderly sick person in bed – smells generated in this room were eliminated and neutralized.

-Home with animal odors – within days the animal smells disappeared.

-Home with several people having respiratory problems due to allergies/asthma – RGF Cell eased their indoor breathing problems.

-Office where varmints died and the smell was overpowering – after removing the varmints within 3 hours the smell was neutralized.

These are a few jobs where the RGF Cell performs up to its expectations. I would recommend this cell to anyone who is health conscientious and/or needs to deodorize. Bulbs tend to last as described in the product literature or longer.

— Sincerely,

Hillsborough Community College

In regards to RGF units we have installed on our air handlers, I feel it has been a wise decision. The main college office had initiated a campaign to monitor absenteeism for any reason every Monday since the Swine Flu outbreak. We have only had a few to date, and none were confirmed Swine flu cases. My personal opinion of the units is that they provide a safety net in the above-mentioned matter and assist in overall cleanliness throughout the Campus, in offices, Labs, classrooms, and the Library. I have never found odors from any source, i.e, perfumes, cooked food, etc. for any prolonged time. Also I have monitored the restrooms which seem to recover more quickly from odors and although we are tough on cleanliness, the added knowledge of the RGF Guardian System helps me sleep at night knowing that if something is missed, the system has the capability to address it. These units were a breeze to install and we monitor them daily, without issues to date. Lastly, I have six portable classrooms and possibly that many more coming in the Fall. I am attempting to get the portable units purchased for the existing.

Thank you,
R. C.
Facilities Manager

Hospital in Panama

“I hereby inform that the air purifier systems with ultraviolet light, REME, and the purifiers for treatment of water with ultraviolet light, RGF, installed in the ducts of the 6th, 5th, 4th, and 3rd floors and the entrance of the reserve water tanks of the CHDrMAG has been very useful in the control of germs, viruses such as H1N1, fungi like Aspergillus, and coliforms present in the water and in the air.”

We close the year with an index of 0.7% nosocomial infections throughout the hospital. Thank you in advanced for your attention presented in this letter.”

— Sincerely,
Dr. H. A.
(translated from Spanish)

Outstanding Customer Service.

I recently had the Guardian Air Purification System installed in my home. I was so impressed by the improved air quality that I referred it to a client.

Not only does this client have an “accident” prone dog, she also has a bladder control problem of her own, unfortunately. I believe the smells in the house were contributing to her poor health. She agreed and had the system installed 3 weeks ago.

I was there for the first time since she got it and I was truly amazed. Before I could hardly breathe when I entered the home and now it has a slight dog smell-typical of most animal lovers who do not vacuum daily. IT WAS SO MUCH FRESHER AND CLEANER ALL AROUND. She seems more active too, which she even admitted, which is huge.

Not only do I recommend the Guardian Air; I recommend that it be installed by your company, because of your outstanding customer service.

— Sincerely,

Letter to Ron

It’s been one year since I’ve been allergy and asthma free, thanks to your wonderful invention. I feel healthy again without meds or allergy shots.

Many of my friends with allergies have also installed the REME. Also, with great results.

Thank you so much.”

— With gratitude,
Jane & Tony G.

Medical Facility

Recently we used the unit in a resident’s room whereas this particular resident had a medical diagnosis of gangrene. The odor permeated not only the resident’s room but the adjacent room also. The odor was unbearable for both the resident and anyone who entered the room.

We have tried many types of room deodorizers but nothing eliminated the odor as well or completely as the RGF Air Purifier. The only time the odor was minimally present was during dressing changes. I plan to use two additional Units in the near future. I recommend the use of RGF Air Purifier to others who have the same unpleasant aroma in their facility.

— Sincerely,
Melissa B., RN

Minimal Illness

My home has a REME in it. I have experienced some great things with my unit. I have two small children ages 1 and 3 and thus far this year we have had minimal illnesses. There are many things that I can contribute to the lack of illness. However, the REME unit in my home I feel is primarily responsible for minimizing how sick my kids get.”

— From Roger at Carrier West

New Vista Society

Canwest Waste and Environmental Technologies recently completed the supply & installation of Guardian Air’s Advanced Oxidation Technology throughout our 236 resident Care Home. As a 40 year old, 4 story building we have aging and an inefficient HVAC system that presents many air circulation problems. With two Special Care Villages and an older resident population, we are constantly faced with odour issues and stagnant air pockets. I am pleased to state that virtually the entire facility now experiences a noticeably superior indoor air quality. Freshness permeates the building. Canwest was creative in their design and engineering to ensure an effective installation.

Part way through the installation, we suffered a Norovirus outbreak which can occur throughout the year here. We are not certain if the Guardian Air system is totally responsible, but we believe that it’s partial installation had an impact on how quickly the outbreak was curbed, compared to historical outbreaks.

We are currently data tracking for a prospective analysis on the infection rates in our facility to compare pre and post installation of the Guardian Air System. The analysis will be available by the end of next year.

I have no hesitation in recommending Canwest and the Guardian Air System’s Advanced Oxidation Technology.

— Yours Truly,
J. M. RN
Acting Director of Health Care
New Vista Society

Office Depot’s Corporate Headquarters

Thank you for solving an air quality problem that we encountered at Office Depot’s Corporate Headquarters. When we moved into our new building, we noticed there was an offensive odor in our 18,546 square foot auditorium. I tried carbon filters, masking the smell, and forcing the HVAC system to 100% of available outside air, but nothing worked. I asked my Trane rep, Erik if he had any ideas to fix the issue and he informed me of your new technology. I have to say that I was skeptical at first, but Erik explained to me that if the product did not work as described, Trane would buy it back. With that said, I purchased two of your RGF Guardian 14” H.O. units and had them installed in our ductwork. Within a week the smell was gone, and now we notice a slight clean scent in the air, which is I gather is from the Hydro-peroxides. I have received an overwhelming response from the corporate campus employees thanking me for the change. Thank you again for a fine product, and I am in the process of ordering three of the ice machine units.

— Sincerely,
Sr. Facilities Manager
Office Depot

The Goddard School

To whoever may be interested:

I own an 8,000 sq. ft. preschool in Snohomish WA and continually have colds, flu etc. being passed from one child to another. With 180 families attending the school, it can be a huge problem in the winter months. Prior to owning the school, I had a 30 year career in Facility Management so I know my way around heating ventilation and air conditioning systems (HVAC). When I first heard about the UV sanitation systems I was intrigued but they were being sold by a “home based” distribution company and the bulb life was short.

Then I was introduced to the RGF Environmental’s Guardian Air Technology by my HVAC representative and I decided to give it a try since it was backed by a reputable firm and the bulb life was twice as long as the other model. I have three rooftop units and I choose the magnetic mount which is powered by the units control system to keep the installation costs down. It was installed in December and I did not tell the teachers or parents what I had done to keep from having a placebo effect occur.

Over the next four months I felt that it had a dramatic effect on illnesses but I could not substantiate the results, because the whole school was being covered so there was no base to compare. Using the month’s before installation was not fair as there may or may not have illnesses “going around” at that time. There are 4 other schools within a 20 mile radius of us that are part of the same franchise so I know that there procedures for cleaning are the same as mine. I asked them for their illness logs to compare. After editing the logs for illnesses such as ear infections, broken arms etc. that are not due to the spreading of “germs” my instinct was confirmed. Our school had 40% fewer call outs due to illness than the other schools. Their numbers were very close to each other.

I am more than happy with the results and my only regret is that I did not choose the model that was independently powered so that there was continual cleaning even when the fan unit was not operating. I have recommended the Guardian Air technology to the other schools and they are having them installed as well.

— Sincerely,
J. W. R.

Chicago Public Schools

Chicago Public School 135 began the installation of 58 Guardian Air units to assist in reducing absenteeism due to illness. Members of the school district met with RGF and G.W. Berkheimer to discuss ongoing problems with the air quality in the school.

Like many older schools there were many complaints regarding the air quality. The most common were mold, musty odors and teachers complaining of being uncomfortable in certain rooms. The RGF factory personnel explained the unique approach to air quality that the Guardian Air family of products provides; its ability to kill microbes (mold, bacteria, and viruses) in the conditioned space instead of trying to kill them in the air handler. They also informed the members of the school district that a well-known cruise line had installed them in all of their cruise ships to protect passengers from the Norwalk Virus. During the discussion, RGF shared with the school district the results of a test done by Midwest Research Institute (MRI), where the Guardian Air achieved a kill rate on Norwalk Virus of 99.9999% in a series of one hour tests. It is important to note that the Norwalk Virus is the cause of 54% of all stomach flu American suffers each year.

The school district decided to try the product and would phase it in during class room modifications. As part of the project, the school decided to run preliminary studies on the effect on absenteeism verses the same period a year earlier. The results showed that with the Guardian Air units installed, the absenteeism fell by 15-20%. This is very important point for all school districts as they receive their federal and state funding based on daily attendance records. So the more students in school, the more funding they receive. In essence, PS 135 got an increase in their funding of 15-20%.

Tsawwassen Animal Hospital

To Whom It May Concern, I am pleased to share my experience with the RGF Environmental’s Guardian Air Technology. I initially had installed a unit in the Tsawwassen Animal Hospital in March, 2013.

My hope was that it would decrease disease transmission, both between veterinary patients and between staff and clients. My experience has been that it has also eliminated odour to a large degree as well as significantly reduced allergy symptoms in myself and several employees.

Steve from Canwest, then placed two plug-in systems in my home. I suffer from chronic sinusitis and asthma secondary to environmental and cat allergies (I have two cats at my home). I have taken antihistamines, a corticosteroid inhaler and intermittent antibiotics for years. Within six weeks I noticed that my sinus congestion was steadily improving. I have not required medication for my symptoms since that time.

While my experience with this technology has been limited, I am pleased to say that it has done everything that I hoped it would do. I would happily recommend the RGF Environmental’s Guardian Air Technology for hospitals, shelters, care homes and for those who suffer from allergies in the home.

— Sincerely,
Dr. T. G. DVM
Tsawwassen Animal Hospital
Delta, BC

Lake Pointe Yacht Club

In January of 2007 we had L&S Mechanical install RGF Guardian Air Ice Modules on two ice machines.

We had been having constant problems in our ice machine heads and bins with mold growing, along with mildew and fungus. The yeast from the empty beer bottles was the main cause of our problem.

Our monthly maintenance to keep the machines clean, and to comply with Health Department rules and inspections, was costly.

After installation, our wait staff and customers, along with our mechanical contractor, Charlie M. noticed immediate results. You could walk into the rooms where our ice machines are located and even smell the fresh scent. Our monthly service changes on our machines stopped, which was a great savings to the business.

I also had a problem at my home. My indoor pool was over-shocked by the pool service company. The chemical odor was overbearing, making my home nearly inhabitable. I called Charlie M. from L&S Mechanical. He installed a RGF Guardian Air plug unit in my poolroom. Within hours we noticed a complete difference in the air quality.

I highly recommend RGF products for both business and home use.

— B.L.
Lake Pointe Yacht Club

Reports from the field

“clean” smell throughout the whole house

Jeff, territory sales manager for Century AC Supply in Houston, TX., installed 2 Guardian Air units 2 years ago. After the installation, his whole family noticed a considerable difference. There was a “clean” smell throughout the whole house. No more odors in the house. After installing the units, the kids have not been sick for 2 years. Jeff could not be happier since installing the Guardian Airs.

The IRS Center in downtown Austin, TX

The IRS Center in downtown Austin, TX installed 80 units in their entire facility. They were concerned about improving employee morale and reducing sick time and installing Guardian Air units in their facility to drastically improve IAQ seemed like the perfect solution. They plan on examining employee sick time in the year before installation and the year after to determine how much the improvement air quality helped. We can already confirm the employees really appreciate the fresh feeling to the air.

The Lima Memorial Hospital

The Lima Memorial Hospital located in Lima, Ohio has installed Guardian Air units throughout their entire facility, which covered the ICU, operating rooms, waiting rooms, and separate wings of the hospital. This is a three-phase project: In the first phase they installed over 40 units to help combat some odor problems, help prevent the spread of viruses and bacteria, and improve the Indoor Air Quality as whole in their main facility. The second phase covers some of the doctors’ offices and private sectors of the facility. Just recently the facility manager from Lima had called to discuss future possibilities in their sister hospital third phase. He expressed how happy he and the Lima staff were at the results the Guardian Air and the PHI technology has provided them with their IAQ issues. There are over 200 units being installed in all three phases, which should be completed sometime in 2010.

A medical office building in Colorado

A medical office building in Colorado approached us with an interesting application. They were using bag filters to achieve a specific level of particulate filtration as specified by their building designers. The bag filters cost them over $30,000 a year to replace and maintain. They also require huge amounts of energy from the fans to keep forcing the air through the filters.

We brought up the idea of using REME and MERV 13 filtration to achieve the same results without the high cost of the bag filters and the energy costs from excessive fan power. After inspecting the building plans, they want to go with two REME-HO rack systems with eight units in each giving them effective coverage up to 160,000 CFM. The fifth floor will have its own REME-HO rack system with four units. They’re expecting to save over $15,000 a year in filter and energy costs.

REME to everyone

A couple in Magnolia, Texas, remodeled their home including cabinets and floors. After a few days they called their contractor about the odor. When the contractor arrived at the home he started getting a headache after only five minutes. He immediately installed 3 REME units as that is the number of units that were on their house. The lady returned after 5 hours to discover the odor was completely gone.

As a follow up to this story, the couple ultimately got a divorce and when the lady moved into her new home she immediately called the contractor to get the REME installed in her new home. She is a nurse and her ex-husband is a doctor. They both recommend the REME to everyone they meet.

Testimonial Disclaimer