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Customized solutions that disinfect your HVAC system

The RGF Lucidium® CUV system is a custom-made solution that works for your specific HVAC system. It prevents mold and microbial growth on your air conditioning coils. It can also help with reducing microbes that your air conditioning system recirculates through the air.


Lucidium® CUV HVAC Coil Disinfection

Lucidium® CUV is an efficient disinfection solution for the HVAC coils in your commercial building. In a customized and site-specific design, this reliable system utilizes UV-C light to kill germs. With flexible, high quality and installation-friendly components, Lucidium® CUV is the ideal solution for HVAC coil maintenance and disinfection.



Each installation is customized for your specific HVAC system

Lucidium® CUV systems are designed and manufactured in the US by RGF. Their inhouse engineers customize each installation for a specific HVAC system. They manufacture UV-C lamps, controls and accessories in a production facility that is ISO 9001 certified, so you know the Lucidium® CUV meets the highest quality standards.

Save energy with Lucidium® CUV

Having the Lucidium® CUV installed in your building not only saves you from microbes, it also saves you energy and operating costs. Because by actively and continuously disinfecting and maintaining your HVAC coils with Lucidium® CUV, your HVAC system can consume as much as 20% less energy. This way you can better achieve your sustainability goals.

Thanks to the active UV-C coil disinfection, you need less routine chemical cleaning while improving your indoor air quality. By continual inactivation of molds and bacteria that form on the HVAC coils, you create a safer and healthier environment for everyone in your building. Combined with the Air Purification and Air Filtration products, the Lucidium® CUV coil disinfection system offers a unique and complete solution for improving the indoor air quality.

Fast and easy installation


Anyone can do it – From the power supply to the quick release lamps, our system is specifically designed so it can be easily installed. This means you won’t need any tools or special skills to install or replace any of our lamps.

Flex-Rack™ – The Flex-Rack lets you quickly install large and small projects. The system uses readily available materials and provides all the connectors and components you need to install our solutions.

Accessories – We offer reflectors, lockout switches, custom power cables, magnetic mounts, shatter proof coverings and more. With these accessories you are assured of a successful, quick and easy installation.