Clean Air for Consultants services

  • Cooling and ventilation, building management
  • Consultants for yacht and shipbuilding
  • Mold/bacteria of Air Conditioner Coils
  • Sewage and water treatment
  • Preventing Sick Yacht Syndrome

Clean Air for Emergency Preparedness

  • Aid organizations, temporary ambulant hospitals, tents
  • Storage containers, surgery containers
  • Quarantained containers, pharmacy containers, fresh water tanks

Clean Air for Transportation/public transport 

  • Indoor Air Quality in public transportations as trains and coaches
  • Vessels, cruise ships, off shore
  • Creating odour free and bacteria free containers
  • Car detailers and mobile homes
  • Trucking companies to keep the refrigerated containers odour free and extend the shelf life

Clean Air for Cleaning companies services

  • Fire, water damage, oil spills, mould remediation, odour removal
  • Evacuation of rental homes
  • Building maintenance
  • Air duct cleaning
  • Maintenance of heating and cooling equipment
  • Mold & Bacteria protection of Air Conditioner Coils
  • Dry cleaners, carpet cleaners

Clean Air for Rental Services

  • To create odour and bacteria free temporary offices
  • Containers, restrooms, locker- and washrooms
  • Events marketing
  • Renting out to all kind of customers
  • Rental companies of costumes

Clean Air for Building Management

  • Control of the Indoor Air quality, prevent Sick Building Syndrome
  • Removing stale air, evacuations, lobbies, basements
  • Restrooms, locker- and washrooms
  • Smoking rooms, offices, canteens
  • Mold & Bacteria protection of Air Conditioner Coils
  • Indoor parking
  • Indoor air quality control