Healthcare & Education

Clean Air for Healthcare and nursing

  • Hospitals, ambulatory surgery centre’s
  • Nursing homes, elderly homes assist living, medical practices, physiotherapists, locker- and washrooms
  • Ambulances
  • Indoor parking
  • Treatment- and patientrooms, dirty linen rooms
  • Storage rooms, basements, obituaries, hospices
  • Entrance, lobby, conference, meeting and waiting rooms
  • Storage rooms for garbage and waste containers
  • Research centre’s, incubators, conditioned storerooms, cleanrooms

Clean Air for Homecare

  • Independent living, incontinent nappies
  • Long term & home care

Clean Air for Public sector

  • Schools, universities, offices, child daycare centers
  • Entrance, lobby, conference, meeting- and waiting rooms
  • Canteens, locker- and bathrooms, shelters, prisoncells
  • Storage rooms for garbage and waste deposit
  • Indoor parking spaces