Healthcare & Education

Clean Air for Healthcare and nursing Hospitals, ambulatory surgery centre’s Nursing homes, elderly homes assist living, medical practices, physiotherapists, locker- and washrooms Ambulances Indoor parking Treatment- and patientrooms.


Workplace, Home, Leisure

Clean Air for Workplace Offices, smoking areas, entrance, lobby, locker- and washrooms, canteens, kitchens, removing stale air Storage rooms for garbage and waste containers Clean Air for Leisure Fitness centre, bowling centre.



Clean Air for Retail Prevent stale air in retail shops and department stores Prevent body odours in retail dressing- and waiting rooms Removes also retail VOC smells from synthetic materials (e.g. shoes and clothes).



Clean Air for Consultants services Cooling and ventilation, building management Consultants for yacht and shipbuilding Mold/bacteria of Air Conditioner Coils Sewage and water treatment Preventing Sick Yacht Syndrome Clean Air.



Clean Air for Cold storage and Packaging companies Removes the ethylene, which slows down the aging process of flowers and fruits Reduce airborne bacteria, mold and odours Makes incoming air free of bacteria and mold.



OEM’s Clean Air for Engineers (Original Equipment Manufacturer) Heating, cooling and ventilation systems Air curtains Displays for fruit, vegetables, fish, meat and flowers Displays for products on ice Producers.


Stale Air Solution

Clean Air for Yachts, Cruiseships – Sick Yacht Syndrome Norwalk Virus, bilge odours, flesh eating bacteria, mold, yeast, holding tank odours, VOC’s, stale air, diesel bacteria – all are indoor air problems on a yacht.


Food Processing Industry

Clean Air for Food Processing Industry: Cheese and Milk and other diary products Keeping mold pressure under control in the cheese warehouses Makes incoming air free from bacteria and mold Production facilities of yoghurt.