AOP – How it works

Clean Air Europe offers Natural Air Purification Systems. 

Clean Air Europe’s unique AOP creates an advanced oxidation process that provides safe and friendly oxidizers that revert microbes and odours back to carbondioxide and water. These oxidizers are very effective on microbials, odours, and gases. Instead of simple and ineffective filtration. A 99% reduction within 24 hours is often achieved (see test results).

phi-cell_thumbAOP and how it works

AOP (Photohydroionisation) is a patented air purification system with unique characteristics! The air purification equipment is based on the advanced Photohydroionization technology (AOP) and is extremely effective in improving Indoor Air Quality (IAQ). AOP uses a UV light and Quad Metallic Catalyst tot create friendly oxidizers. The created oxidizers include Hydro peroxides, Hydroxide ions and Super Oxide ions. The aggressive but friendly oxidizers that are released by the AOP system are harmless to humans, animals and plants.

Inside the AOP cell a broad spectrum light is targeted on a catalyst.

The catalyst is a composition of four different metals: titanium, silver, rhodium and copper. The oxidation process is created trough a combination of ambient air and a little humidity. The advanced oxidation process provides friendly oxidizers that revert back to oxygen and hydrogen during the process. With the oxidizers created by the AOP cell, we imitate the cleaning process of nature. The oxidizers travel trough a room or a home on their own strength (Brownian Motion) and search for molecules to connect with.

Disinfection of rooms.

The oxidizers move in a natural way trough the room (Brownian Motion).

6 hours / 1 day

2 days / 4 days

What can AOP do?

The AOP system can oxidize micro-organisms (bacteria, viruses, mold), gasses, odours and VOC’s, in split seconds and revert back to oxygen and hydrogen. Often a reduction of 99% is obtained within 24 hour.