Clean Air QuickTreat

Odour-free with QuickTreat. Friendly AOP oxidizers, no ozone!

Odour free with Clean Air QuickTreat
Clean Air QuickTreat

Ideal for hotel and motel rooms, suites and apartments. 

Can be used to rapidly and effectively treat many problem odour areas during daily maintenance and cleaning operations. An odour-free, fresh room within only 20 minutes! Disinfected, odour-free rooms and airducts while the work just can continue. Ideal for salvage and cleaning companies, nursing homes, room rentals, but also for municipal or commercial vacating companies.

Quick effective removal of stench, odours and micro-organisms.

The Clean Air Quick Treat eliminates stench, odour, airborne bacteria, mold spores and viruses. For example, the Clean Air Quick Treat with the optional hose can be used to disinfect after clearance in order to decontaminate rooms and airducts with human-friendly free oxidizers. In contradiction with the use of conventional ozone equipment, it is allowed that during the use of the Clean Air Quick Treat, people can stay in the treated room. That can have particular advantages for salvage works and for hotel businesses.

The unique AOP Technology

Clean Air Quick Treat’s unique AOP technology is extremely effective for the removal of odours and airborne contaminations. The system operates with a powerful broad spectrum UV-light inside a multiple, metal coated cell in which the friendly oxidizers will be generated. These oxidizers will be transported through a forced airflow into the entire room, where she (in every nook and cranny) extremely pro-active eliminates all odours and airborne contamination sources. The contaminations will be converted into harmless CO2 and hydrogen.

Particularly suitable for:

Stench- and odour control, salvage and cleansing, hospitality industry, hall rental, building management, smoking areas, hotelrooms where has been smoked or where is being smoked, decontaminates bacterial and mold spores, also for example after clearance of residential homes or squats.


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Clean Air QuickTreat